A great way to dig deeper into the first chapter of John is to do a name study on the many designations spoken of  Jesus.  Here is a list of them:

Messiah (vv. 20, 41), the Prophet (v.21), Jesus (v. 29), Lamb of God (v. 29, 36), one who Baptizes with the Spirit (v. 33), Son [Chosen] of God (v. 34. 49), Rabbi / Teacher (v. 38,     49), Christ / Anointed One (v. 41), Son of Joseph (v. 45), Nazarene (v. 45), King of Israel (v. 49), & Son of Man (v. 51)

Below are a few more resource for you (new, updated and previous posts).


Ligonier Ministries

Here is a great resource of free sermons from R. C. Sproul on the Gospel of John.


The White Horse Inn

(about the White Horse Inn)

Here is the second edition of The White Horse Inn’s series on the Gospel of John.  They have some great resources on their website that go along with their audio discussion.    


The Gospel of John Movie (The Visual Bible)

Here is a review of the movie from Christianity Today

Each week we are showing a short clip from the film during our Word & Worship.  Here is a link to  YouTube where you can see more of the film (broken into 19 parts).  You can also buy the movie from amazon